Tlaiowaha Subsector

Background Information:

This subsector was explored by the Tlaiowaha clan, who then ceded most of the worlds here to their vassals, the Ahroay’if. The Ahroay’if control or strongly influence more than a third of the worlds in this subsector. Their power is based on trade, and the Ahroay’if have a vested interest in preserving the peace. They strongly support ihatei expeditions to settle or conquer worlds along the Hierate/Imperium trade route, as long as such expansions do not interfere with trade.

Subsector Map:

Subsector Summary:

Name Location Bases Statistics Trade Codes Travel Code Allegiance Gas Giant
Akoaft 610 E898000-0 Ba Hierate G
Asim 503 B867564-6 Ag Ni Kingdom of Drinax G
Asoieteal 108 ACS B697688-A Ag Ni Hierate G
Blue 801 B543487-B Po Ni Ht G
Camoran 203 A55167A-B Ni Po Hierate G
Clarke 702 B899753-8
Drinax 603 A43645A-E Ni Ht Kingdom of Drinax G
Fantasy 808 E788400-3 Ni Lt G
Hilfer 804 B55077A-6 De Po
Hleakhayes 609 E54348B-7 Po Ni Hierate G
Iroioah 607 B530113-C De Po Ni Lo Ht Hierate G
Keaih 210 CAA5887-9 Fl Hierate G
Khusai 403 ACS A576655-C Ag Ni Ht Hierate G
Kteiroa 505 AIC C560164-8 De Lo Ni Hierate
Ohaualr 307 ACS B422388-B Po Ni Lo Hierate G
Oiwoiieaw 103 B787897-A Ri Ht Hierate G
Paal 805 B564679-6 Ag Ni Ri G
Pourne 704 A9B2887-A Fl G
Sink 806 D665220-5 Ni Lo Lt G
Staha 409 ACS B755486-B Ni Ht Hierate G
The World 707 E100551-7 In Ni Va G
Tlaiowaha 308 ACS B420954-E De Hi In Na Po Ht G
Torpol 601 B55A77A-B Wa G
Tyokh 606 ACF B566A77-E Hi Ht Hierate G
Vorito 709 E595ABB-A In Hi A Imperium Client State G

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General Codes

Naval (N): A naval base is a supply depot, refuelling station, repair yard or fortress of either the Imperial Navy or the local sector navy. Naval vessels can obtain refined fuel and supplies here. Naval bases are always guarded by armed vessels and fixed defence. Ex-Naval Travellers may meet Contacts or Allies here, and mercenary Travellers can try to pick up work. Naval bases also have an advanced hospital, although it is normally available only to naval personnel. …

Subsector Worlds:

Famed for its toxic atmosphere, lethal plant life and general hostility, Akoaft has found its niche as an arena for wargames and limited conflicts. From orbit, the planet is strangely beautiful, as orange and pink algae blooms cover whole continents. Up close, it is a slime swamp.

Akoaft is the site of an ongoing struggle between the Ahroay’if and the Hkaaiheir clans. The world itself is a low-resource cesspit with an ecology best described as ‘more breeds of slime and mould that you ever dreamed existed’, and was never settled by any species. The war here is not for control of Akoaft – instead, it is a proxy war for the nearby Keaih system, currently held by the Htyowao, vassals of the Ahroay’if. The conflict on Akoaft has ground on for four years.

Asim is a non-industrial TL6 world with a population of around five million. The planet is physically similar to Earth, with an almost identical mass, a close match in terms of atmospheric composition, and a comparable land/water ratio, yet there is something missing.

Asim lacks the vitality of a true garden world. The planet is overwhelmingly brown; the local equivalent of chlorophyll is a brownish chemical, so Asim has brown fields and brown forests growing from brown soil.

The former government of Asim was called the Foundation, and was an assembly of elders and wise men from the cities. The Foundation claimed to have a thousand-year plan that would bring Asim – an obscure world in the middle of nowhere with no technological base or mineral reserves worth a damn – to dominate the Imperium.

Deep inside Tlaiowaha clan territory, there's not much information about this world.

It's supposedly a breadbasket agricultural world, but there are also rumours of it hosting a Tlaiowaha clan base.

Blue was once a rich world, one of the jewels of the Old Empire. Over the course of several centuries, the planet was systematically denuded of all its accessible resources. Today, it is a quiet backwater. The people of Blue are insular and rarely travel, preferring to spend their times in contemplation of religion and art. Rumours insist that there is a secret Psionic Institute somewhere on Blue.

Camoran is a poor, non industrial world notible primarily for being an Imperial Client State; the system applied for and received Imperial protection when the Aslan began attacking it.

However, policy experts speculate that Imperium will refuse to extend its thirty-year guarantee of Mutual Defense when the treaty comes up for renewal in 1108. While the Imperium is cultivates Client States as buffer against the Hierate, Camoran may be too much of an investment for the payoff.

Formerly a garden world, Clarke was bombed by the Star Guard during the last years of the Kingdom of Drinax. Hundreds of thousands died when the old capital, Hiewad, was destroyed, and millions more starved in the years that followed as the dust clouds caused several years without a summer. Clarke’s technology base was similarly crippled; the planet was at TL14, but virtually all the high-technology facilities and services were concentrated at Hieward. Deprived of the high-tech medical facilities that could heal the sick and dying, the people of Clarke chose to preserve their mortally wounded in the hopes that when they rebuilt, they could be healed.

This practice of freezing the dead quickly evolved into a religion that worshipped the dead. Today, everyone who dies on Clarke is immediately placed into a carbon-weave monolith and stored until the day of healing that will one day arrive. The Psychopomp priests who control the preservation technology rule the planet. After the change of government the reconstruction of Clarke’s technological base has slowed to a crawl. Some blame the Psychopomps, if Clarke recovers the technology to heal those who were preserved in the monoliths then Psychopomps would lose their position of authority in Clarke society. Today, the frozen dead on Clarke massively outnumber the living. The dead are everywhere, as the black monoliths are used as building materials in the dark, oppressive cities.

Two hundred years ago, Drinax was the great power in this subsector, second only to the Hierate. The Kings of Drinax ruled over every world from Khusai to Paal, and also claimed Torpol, Clarke and Blue. A war between Drinax and the Aslan Hierate put an end to the Kingdom of Drinax. The Drinaxians had marginally higher technology, but the Aslan fleet outnumbered them three to one.

The war was sparked by an ihatei invasion of Asimov, but conflict had been brewing for years as the Drinaxians tried to muscle in on the Imperium/Hierate trade. The war shattered the Kingdom of Drinax. The other worlds had chafed under Drinax rule for years, and the Drinaxians had resorted to the tactics of the Sindalian Empire of old, bombing planets to keep them in line. The Hierate returned the favour tenfold – Drinax was nearly glassed by the Ahroay’if.

The only surviving settlement on Drinax was the Royal Palace, which floats above the blasted, lifeless surface on a huge gravity platform. The only survivors were the Royal Family and their servants, courtesans, guards, jesters, technicians, beauticians and other hangers- on. Fortunately, the fabled Hanging Gardens of Drinax could be quickly repurposed to provide food. The Kings of Drinax are much humbler now, although Drinax did launch a successful invasion of the nearby planet of Asim ten years ago, mainly to obtain better food supplies. (Invasion is perhaps a grandiose term for ‘jump over, blast the Asimen from orbit, and keep shooting until they give you stuff’ – apparently, old habits die hard for Sindalian descendants).

The current King of Drinax is Oleb XVI, an accomplished boxer and swordsman, infamous for his taste in wine (strong reds), women (ditto) and song (shouted lustily through a megaphone).

The inhabitants of Fantasy are the descendants of a slave ship from the Glorious Empire. The human slaves were the product of an experiment in genetic engineering by the Aslan; traits like strength, endurance and physical attractiveness were enhanced, while intellect and the capacity for independent thought were diminished. The sex ratio was also changed, so on average ten females are born for every male.

The planet was named by an Imperial Scout who spent several years monitoring the planet. [ ;-) - Tristan ]

A hot desert world, Hilfer was once part of the Kingdom of Drinax. The rebellion cost Hilfer dearly, as the planet lost the technology to maintain the water reclamation technology that kept the desert at bay.

Deep inside Tlaiowaha clan territory, there's not much information about this world.

It's supposedly a poor, nonindustrial world, which might explain why nobody cares about it that much.

Iroioah is a dying world. Some ancient calamity stripped away more than two-thirds of its atmosphere, and now the planet’s seas are dry and its continents are graveyards. The howling winds carry blue sandstorms across the copper sulphide-tinged deserts. Iroioah was once home to an advanced spacefaring civilisation that flourished in the interval between the last war of the Ancients and the rise of the Vilani. Some of their ruins still survive. The Hierate has little interest in the deeds of dead races, but a small team continues to search the ruins for still-functioning technological devices.

The cities of Keaih are invisible from orbit. Each city is built on an artificial island, and at the edge of these islands are cyclopean barriers heated by fusion reactors. These barriers heat the sea into steam, so every city is at the centre of a gigantic ring of super-heated steam. Every year, the barriers are pushed out a little further, and the atmosphere grows a little thicker.

Home to the naval base of the belligerent Hrakoea, Khusai is a pleasant world of blue fields and purple forests. Aslan legend claims that giant rock monsters dwell in underground caverns on this planet, but others say these rumours were started deliberately to conceal weapons testing. The orbiting base is a major Aslan fortification and is commonly used by pirate hunters.

Kteiroa is a cold world, a land of frozen tundra and carbon dioxide glaciers. There are valuable phospourous deposits in the western wilderness known as Ulkaodhianeak, the Land of White Bones, but neither the Terran scouts who first mapped this world nor the Sindalians who built the starport nor the Aslan that now hold it bothered to exploit this resource.

Today, the port is maintained by a small family of Outcastes, and is a haunt of pirates, smugglers and free traders looking for a back door into Hierate space. In recent years, Kteiroa has seen more traffic from ihatei scouts, who use this last Aslan world as a refuelling post before jumping to the human worlds along the border.

Five years ago, the world saw a dozen ihatei at most; three years ago, a hundred. At high summer this year (when, on a good, sunny day, the temperature crawls to freezing at the equator), more than five hundred ihatei and two thousand prospective retainers and mercenaries gathered at Kteiroa. If this trend continues, there will soon be enough militant, landless Aslan at Kteiroa to launch an invasion…

Deep inside Tlaiowaha clan territory, there's not much information about this world.

It's supposedly a Hell World, and apart from claiming it as part of their territory it's not clear why the Aslan would want it.

Deep inside Tlaiowaha clan territory, there's not much information about this world.

It's supposedly a Rich Garden world, this may be one of the primary sources of the Tlaiowaha's trade products.

Paal’s association with Drinax is an old one – this rich world once supplied Drinax with its produce. Many of the dukes and kings of Paal still covet the technology of Drinax.

Named for the ancient writer Pournelle, this world is ruled by a calcified, paranoid bureaucratic caste who assume that all offworlds are probably saboteurs sent to destroy the planet. Pourne customs officials are notoriously aggressive and heavily armed, and the planet is protected by a bristling array of SDI satellites. Despite this attitude, its stability and technology level make Pourne is one of the most important trade hubs in the subsector.

The only settlement on Sink is a small monastery, established by an obscure religious sect from Earth. They spend much of their time sinking things in the deep swampy lakes around their fortress.

Deep inside Tlaiowaha clan territory, there's not much information about this world.

It's supposedly a High Technology Garden world, and while it can't maintain an industrial base it's speculated to be a key training ground for (female) Aslan Engineers and Scientists.

Most of the population of The World have no idea that anything exists outside their space station. They do not even know they are on a space station – they assume that the entire universe is a crumbling ring of corridors and hydroponics bays and overcrowded habitat modules. Only the command staff – the gods and rulers of The World, who trade with outsiders – know the truth.

The world of Tlaiowaha is owned by the Tlaiowaha clan. It is not their clan seat, which is hundreds of parsecs away across the Great Rift, but it is one of the pillars on which their power rests. Tlaiowaha Anchorage is the largest Aslan military base in the sector, and is well positioned to respond to incursions anywhere along the subsector border.

Visitors report there are enough warriors and warships at Tlaiowaha to conquer every world from Vorito to Pax Rulin! The Imperial fleet’s total displacement is likely larger than the Tlaiowaha fleet’s total displacement, but that is cold comfort to Imperial strategic analysts who wake in a cold sweat from a nightmare of an Aslan tide. The system is heavily fortified; in addition to the hundreds of warships and the mighty fortress world of Tlaiowaha itself, the system’s asteroid belt has been mined to produce a host of system defence boats and gun satellites.

Imperial visitors that the Tliaowaha wish to impress are invited to the Anchorage, but other vessels arriving without permission are targeted for destruction immediately.

While Tlaiowaha is primarily a military fortress, it is also used for state functions by the Aslan. The inner chambers of Tlaiowaha Anchorage are a zone of sybaritic luxury, a labyrinthine palace where holographic projectors make every room appear to be a vast wilderness, where beautiful consorts wait on scented pillows, where gold and iridium and precious stones decorate every surface, where the full grandeur and power of the Aslan Hierate are displayed for all to see.

Torpol is a water world, with no surface land. The limited population lives on the ice caps at the north and south poles of the planet, or on huge stilt-supported platforms built in shallow water. The planet’s primary industry is, unsurprisingly, fishing and producing hydrogen fuel for the trade convoys that dock here.

Despite Torpol’s lack of natural resources, the provosts who rule the planet have proved themselves canny merchants, buying and selling goods along the Florian trade route. The eccentric Florian League is a difficult trading partner, as guessing what the Floriani will decide to invest in next is something of an art, and the provosts have studied the demands of the distant League in order to predict which goods will sell in coming years.

Torpol has also made its name as a planet for shore leave, by establishing a string of ‘pleasure ports’ along the tropics. Torpol’s high Law Level is a reflection of the provosts’ need to keep the planet’s reputation as a safe place to relax. The pleasure ports may feel wild, erotic and untamed, but they are actually the safest place on the planet.

Tyokh is the counterpart of Imisaa in Tobia subsector. Here is where the Imperial ships come in, having made the perilous crossing of the Borderlands. Tyokh’s starport was rated Class A, but it is so overburdened by traffic that it has been dropped by TAS to Class B. The shipyards there have been refitted into extra freighter berths.

Unusually for Aslan colonies, the area around the starport is heavily urbanised, and the cityscape could be any world from Deneb to the core worlds. Those expecting an exotic, alien city when they land on their first Aslan world will be disappointed. Once a traveller gets away from the human-dominated starport district, the beauty of Tyokh becomes evident. It is a hot, steamy jungle world for the most part, where the organic curves of Aslan buildings rise lazily above the treeline.

Tyokh is dominated by the Ahroay’if clan, who control roughly sixty percent of the trade. The planet is also shared with half-a-dozen other clans, and hundreds of corporations have offices and outposts here. To the Hierate’s shame, a criminal organisation called the Rea’a Hrilkhir, an ‘Aslan Mafia’ of outcasts, also run black markets on Tyokh, and are rumoured to have ties to the pirate bands elsewhere in the Reach, especially in Borderlands subsector.

The Rea’a Hrilkhir also control the lucrative market in guides and interpreters to Aslan culture; merchants who hire a guide on Tyokh are warned that there is every chance the guide is spying on them. Tyokh is a shipping hub for the Hierate, especially for ships coming in along the trade route from the Imperium. Thousands of ships crowd the skies above the port – merchants, escorts, tenders, scouts, system defence boats, and sometimes even brave pirates.

Tyokh is perhaps the most ‘human’ world in the Hierate. It could almost be part of the Imperium, if you close your eyes and ignore the distant roars of the jungle beasts.

Vorito was originally established as a forward base by the Third Imperium around 500; back then, it was two hundred marines and technicians sitting in a dome, half of them listening for radiation bursts from Aslan scoutships and the other half listening to the winds howling outside in the wilderness.

A small colony grew up to service the base, and then the General Development Corporation set up an office here. The protection and stability offered by the corporate presence attracted more settlers from the war-torn Kingdom of Drinax and from other worlds in the Borderlands. Vorito rapidly expanded into a financial centre, a place for human traders to gather on the edge of Aslan space. The Corporation invested in the planet’s infrastructure, and today thousands of domed cities dot the planet’s surface. Increasingly, the government of Vorito and the executives of GeDeCo became intertwined, until the world became a corporate asset. The Governor-General of Vorito is appointed by the GeDeCo board.

Vorito Highport was completed in 991, signalling a new and bold period in the world’s participation in Imperium/Hierate trade and in the development of the whole subsector. The Highport was a cutting-edge class A, a Technology Level 15 starport and shipyard capable of building new megafreighters and escorts for the Corporation. In 1098, terrorists attacked and destroyed Vorito Highport. At the same time, assassins killed sixteen GeDeCo executives, including the Governor-General. Short of the Aslan landing marines on Vorito, there could not have been a clearer declaration of war from the Hierate on GeDeCo. The current starport and Tech Level ratings of Vorito reflect the damage done by these surprise assaults – GeDeCo estimates that by 1111, Vorito should be back up to Starport A and TL13.

Experts on Aslan culture point out that while the use of assassins and bombs are permissible in a war of assassins, it would be dishonourable to do so without first declaring such a war. Therefore, either GeDeCo received such a declaration and ignored it, or the Aslan do not consider GeDeCo worthy of respect, or the attackers were not Aslan.