===========TOP SECRET===========
Col. Joseph Mullins (Ret.)

Name:                Joseph James Mullins (a.k.a. “J.J.”)
Service Number:                1956039
Race:                Human
Age:                42
Date of Birth:                100-1063
Rank:                Colonel (Imperial Star Marines, Third Imperium)
Status:                RETIRED
Homeworld:                Chalchiutlicu
Service Decorations:                Combat Command Ribbon
               Long Service Medal
               Meritorious Performance of Duties Medal
               Exemplary Service Medal
               Meritorious Conduct Under Fire Medal (3rd Class)
Growing up on the overcrowded world of Chalchiutlicu, Joseph, J.J. to his friends, knew that he would never rise to the top tiers of society. In truth, he never wanted to. What Joseph wanted was to leave, to explore the stars. Joseph's family had a long history in water mining. It was for this reason that his family had always been viewed as below par, at least in the eyes of high society. Joseph knew that if he was to escape this fate, he would have to leave this planet for good. As a young man, Joseph took pride in making those same social climbers, the same ones getting rich off the broken backs of the poor, pay for those snide comments by heisting their vehicles or hacking into the mainframe and sending a few more credits in the opposite direction. Joseph learned early on, and was willing to do, what it took to survive. These skills would serve him well in his future career.
It wasn't long before Joseph was presented the opportunity to achieve his greatest desire. Entering the Imperial Naval Academy, Joseph was soon granted a commission for his excellence in the execution of his duty. It was also here where he would come to meet some of the finest soldiers he would ever serve with. Soldiers who, to this very day, still serve with him in various capacities. Joseph would continue to excel and rise in the ranks. In time, he would become a decorated soldier, an extremely competent commander, and to a few of his marines, the miracle needed to pull them out of the pits of hell itself. As a result, the upper brass would soon approach Joseph for several “off the books” assignments. Assignments that would bring him in contact with some of the greatest threats the Imperium would ever know. Assignments that remain classified to this very day.
Retiring from the Imperial Navy after twenty years of highly distinguished service, Joseph now uses his unique skill set, with a little help from his brothers in arms, to do what he does best…survive.
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