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 +======Missile Rack (Turret)======
 +Though missile racks require ammunition and the warheads take time to reach distant targets, they can be very powerful weapons and, when a range of warheads is available, extremely versatile too. Missiles use slightly different rules to other spacecraft weapons, which are covered on page 157. Each turret with one or more missile racks holds 12 missiles and **costs Cr250000 to refill**. It takes one round to reload a missile rack (see page 161).
 +^Weapon ^TL ^Range ^Damage ^Tons ^Cost ^Traits ^
 +|Missile Rack |7 |**Special** |**4D** |- |MCr0.75 |**Smart** |
 +=====Launching Missiles=====
 +Missiles used against targets within Adjacent or Close ranges lose any Smart trait they possess, as there is not enough time for them to obtain a solid lock and take advantage of their advanced guidance systems. ​
 +Missiles are launched in salvos. A salvo is all the missiles launched by a ship against a single target in the same combat round. This could be a single missile from one turret or dozens from multiple turrets or bays (see High Guard for more information on weapon bays). ​
 +Missile salvos effectively have a Thrust of 10 and will reach their target a number of combat rounds after they have been fired, as shown on the Missile Flight table.
 +====Missile Flight====
 +^Range ^Rounds to Impact ^
 +|Medium and below |Immediate |
 +|Long |1 |
 +|Very Long |4 |
 +|Distant |10 |
 +Note that while missile salvos can be fired at Distant ranges, the attacking ship must have detected its target before they can be launched. Given the limited information that can be gained from sensors at this range, friendly fire incidents may be common among Travellers who are too trigger happy with their missiles. ​
 +If a missile has not reached its target within 10 rounds, it will run out of fuel and become inert.
 +When a missile salvo reaches its target, the missile makes an attack roll as normal. However, the Gunner skill of the Traveller(s) that fired the salvo is not used as a DM. Instead, the number of missiles remaining in the salvo greatly affects their chances of making a successful attack. Apply DM+1 to the attack roll for every missile in the salvo. ​
 +Note that missiles almost always have the Smart trait (see page 75). For missiles, use the TL of the missile itself or that of the attacking ship, whichever is greater. ​
 +Finally, missiles launched at Distant range expend most of their fuel just reaching their target, leaving little to counter the target’s manoeuvres. Missile salvos launched at Distant range suffer DM-6 to their attack rolls.
 +If an attack roll for a missile salvo is successful, the target will sustain damage. Roll for damage as if for a single missile and deduct the target’s armor as normal but do not apply the Effect of the attack roll. **Instead, any damage is then multiplied by the Effect of the attack roll** (the Effect cannot exceed the number of missiles in the salvo).
 +**Total Damage: 4D - target armor  **
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