Captain Dumas

Name                Iain Stuart Bathory Dumas
Rank                Captain (Pirate)
Race                Human
Age                42
Honorific                Baron of Banks (Khusai)
AKA                Baron Banks,
Baron Dumas,
Captain Baron Dumas of Banks,
Stewie (to his mother only)
Homeworld                Drinax, Floating Palace

Born to the Count and Countess of Banks Iain's young life knew nothing but the floating palace. Running through the Royal Apartments he was one of the privileged, a Child of Drinax, destined to carry on the family line, and reinstate the Empire.

Unfortunately, they forgot to tell his father this, who quickly lost all of their fortune gambling with off-worlders and with the spectacularly ill-timed investments. His father was ever the coward regardless of what Drinaxian Royals tended to think of themselves, and so he spaced himself after loosing their last credit to a fellow royal. And at age eight, Iain was now Baron.

His mother was a far more practical woman and after many private meetings with various other Drinaxian nobles, always male oddly enough, she was named a consort to the King. As far as Iain could tell, she only ever consorted with the King very late at night when the Queen was asleep. About a year later, his little sister, Elaina, was born.

Iain was approached by the King himself at his 18th birthday. “Listen Iain. I know you care about your mother and your sister, and because of that I'm going to need you to leave. It is just too dangerous with you in the house and me coming and going each night. I want to move them into the palace, but I can't move you in. So I need you to go off-world.”

Iain remembers all of the retorts he could have made to the King, but in the end he found the first ship leaving from dock and never looked back.

It turns out that ship was a pirate vessel, Carbon Slag, operating out of Tanith. Iain's first victory came from a fellow crewmate intent on taking the one thing that he would not relinquish, his virgin ring. Killing the man seemed like a forgone conclusion really, and he took the pervert's body pistol as a trophy.

A few years later a few of the Carbon Slag crew was caught breaking into the Captain's Locker on a Subsidized Liner out of Sabruse. Iain was able to get out of any jail time because he was pilotting the escape shuttle and hadn't actually stolen anything. He was marked from then on, however.

The Carbon Slag's third mate was tied up in the arrests, however. And as a show of good faith for not turning the rest of the crew over to the authorities, the captain promoted him to his position.

In a bit of daring-do, Iain went undercover into a merchant freighter in order to get a better understanding of the ship's defenses. Iain's information, and him literally opening the doors of the ship to the Carbon Slag, were hugely beneficial. He easily rose to be first mate.

As time passed he realized that he wanted his own ship, that wish was granted when Iain was awarded a far trader called The Simple Trees to captain. Things were going well until the fleet still under the control of the Carbon Slag's captain, now admiral, decided that he wanted to hit a rival pirate base. Iain knew it was folly from the start, but what could he do?

Well, when he saw the three corvette-class assault ships appear out of no where, he knew exactly what to do. Friendships are fleeting in this business anyway, and besides it has been decades since he went home. As the first salvo of missile rained down onto the Carbon Slag's hull turning it into slag, Iain jumped The Simple Trees out of system.

A few months later and Iain arrived back at the Floating Palace on Drinax. Iain sold the ship at a loss and called in your favors to retire. Turns out there is a new king on Drinax, and Iain's half-sister is somehow involved in the government. They both forced him to formally accept the full title of his father, Baron of Banks (now Khusai).

Since then Baron Banks, Iain Stuart Bathory Dumas, Captain (Retired) is just that retired. Or is he?