===========TOP SECRET===========
Cpt. Jonathan Shale

Name:                Jonathan Shale
Service Number:                643310
Race:                Human
Age:                34
Date of Birth:                301-1071
Rank:                Captain (Imperial Star Marines, Third Imperium)
Status:                Medically Discharged (Honorable)
Homeworld:                Homestead
Service Decorations:                Combat Command Ribbon
               Wound Badge
“To survive a war, you gotta become war…”
Shale didn't know who spoke those words originally or why, just that they came from a time long forgotten. Shale grew up hearing those words many times, but never really thought about their meaning. That is until he found himself in that dark pit of hell, praying for death. Shale realized that if he was going to survive this, he would have to use that wisdom and endure…
Jonathan Shale practically grew up in the military. Both his father and grandfather had served the Imperium with distinction. His great-grandfather, and namesake, was considered by many to be a war hero, having fought in the Third Frontier War. Like his ancestors, Shale rose quickly through the ranks. As a young lieutenant, Shale was hand-picked to become the aide-de-camp and adjutant to Col. Joseph Mullins, who had developed a distinguished reputation in his own right. It was here where Shale was able to expand his knowledge on all things military and develop his leadership abilities. It was also here where Shale developed close bonds with several of the soldiers who served under Col. Mullins. Little did Shale know, these two factors would have a huge impact on his future.
The mission was simple. Board and capture the lead vessel belonging to a local pirate captain, who had been harassing the planetary population. When the captain had successfully captured an Imperial freighter belonging to the Emperor himself, his fate was sealed. Or so everyone believed. This mission was to be kept off the books, lest people would know how vulnerable the Emperor actually was. Breaching the hull and boarding the ship went just as smoothly as it always had. Suddenly an explosion ripped through the ships corridors. The explosive force blew two squad members out into open space. They died almost instantly. They were the lucky ones. The remaining squad members, including Shale, were captured. The ransom demand came not long after.
Given the delicate nature of the mission and the parties involved, the mission was quickly classified and the squad was written off as a total loss. This was something Col. Mullins would not accept. These were his soldiers. Shale had become like a son to him. Being that this needed to stay quiet, Mullins was forced to call upon some of his more disreputable contacts for assistance. One of those contacts was Captain Iain Dumas, himself a pirate, who was familiar with this particular competitor. It was through him that Mullins was able to discover where his boys were being held. Not wasting any time, Mullins put together a squad consisting of six soldiers who, like him, had become close to Shale. Soldiers who, he knew, would do anything to get him back. Entering under the cover of darkness, Mullins and his team were able to successfully extract Shale after Mullins himself put down the pirate captain responsible for Shale's condition. The rest of the captured squad was not so lucky however.
Shale awoke in a military hospital to find Col. Mullins watching over him. It was determined that not only had Shale undergone torture via the knife but also by electricity. Despite having the desire and drive to return to active service, Shale knew that his military days were over. The damage done was simply to great. Shale was honorably discharged and awarded for his meritorious service. Shale also left with a vow to be there should Mullins ever need his help. It was not long after that Mullins himself retired from the service. Mulins could not in good conscience continue serving a regime that would simply throw away his or his soldiers' lives.
After a long and slow recovery period, Shale made the decision to not let his skills go to waste. Gathering up the same soldiers who risked everything to save him, Shale put together the Black Skull Mercenary Company. Shale soon found that, in this capacity, he was able to do more right than he ever could in his military career. It is a position that Shale wished he didn't have to charge for, but equipment and information is not cheap. In recent years, he has even had the pleasure of working with Col. Mullins again. Shale continues, to this day, to provide support when needed and called upon…as long as the price is right.